About Kirsten-Valerie

I am Kirsten-Valerie. I am twenty-three years old, I live in York, UK and I call myself a geek, a literary genius, a purveyor of life, and an amateur word-smith. I am a christian of non-specific denomination. I have issues, who doesn't?! and I am a self-confessed coffee addict.

Loves: God; going to my church; reading; writing; theatre; tattoos; piercings; films; gardens in the middle of the night; walking along the beach during a storm; train journeys; drinking coffee; talking bollocks about stuff; sarcasm; irony; intelligent people, and genius quotes.

This blog is just the musings and ravings of a confused, and slightly insane, me.

If you like this blog, or are interested in creative writing, you can find some of my creative writing on my other blog: of-ravens-and-writingdesks.blogspot.com

Love and God bless,

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